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CREATE AND DEVELOP A YOGA WEBSITE                                                                                                  

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I took on the task of creating this web site for someone already running a specific type of yoga class in the UK.  They wanted to make sure that thier presence was known to everyone likely to be using the web to search for such classes. We agreed that a relatively simple site was needed provided that it was highly visible to people searching.

The initial web site is now complete and I have been carrying out some optimisation to make sure that the search engines find the site and that it appears high in the listings.  This work will continue for a while as I look carefully at the site statistics to see what improvements can still be made.

It is important to me that we establish that the site actually achieves the aim of making the business more visible and that this translates into more customers for the yoga classes.

I will continue to maintain and develop the site together with the client so that we keep it highly visible.




  Website created by Paul at TLC