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I first provided consultancy services back in 1990.  This was for about 18 months whilst my own business was getting off the ground and couldn't afford to pay me!  My customers then were a variety of people I had come across previously in my career who needed some specific task carrying out.

In outline this was

An electronics manufacturer in Hertfordshire - Carrying out a study to determine the viability of their metalwork and paint shop, organising and planning the introduction of Quality Management processes and providing project support to an ailing project.  The company was happy with the work I carried out and on more than one occassion tried to persuade me to take on a full time job with them

A large accountancy company providing receivership services - Assisting in the disposal of business assets, helping with running the businesses in receivership and assisting with follow on planning.

Over the years I have also helped with the construction of many business proposals, business plans and financial management plans.




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